If you have a drawer full of old nail care products, it’s time to invest in a new collection. In today’s market, you’ll notice some brands list their products as vegan. What does this mean? It means the lacquers, top coats, polish remover, and other nail products contain zero animal-derived ingredients—a relatively new concept for nail polish. You may have a few other questions about vegan nail care, and you’ll find the answers here.

What Ingredients in Old-School Polish Weren’t Vegan? 

Some conventional nail polishes use old-school formulas that can contain animal-derived ingredients. Usually, these were in particular colors, like red. However, you could sometimes find an ingredient from fish scales that gave many polishes their lustrous hues.

Is Vegan Nail Polish High-Quality? 

Vegan nail polish may be higher quality than some of the other options you’ll find. Brands put a lot of care and attention into their formulas to ensure they can offer a long-lasting manicure. Another great thing about vegan nail polish is that it’s often free of many potentially harsh nail care ingredients, like formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin. When shopping for vegan nail polish, look for labels like 12-free or 16-free to ensure your products do not contain the harshest ingredients.

How Strong Is Vegan Nail Polish? 

Without ingredients that have the potential to compromise your nails, leaving them feeling weak and brittle, vegan nail polish can be fairly strong and long-lasting. You might invest in a vegan gel top coat treatment to make your manicure last even longer. Applying a gel top coat is the ideal way to get a chip-resistant,high-gloss finishfor a beautiful manicure. Some of the best brands use strengthening ingredients like bio-ceramics in their vegan nail polish.

Do You Need a Special Fingernail Polish Remover? 

Nail polish remover is a must-have—whether you do manicures at home or go out for mani-pedis at a nail salon. You don’t necessarily need a special fingernail polish remover because most are vegan. However, a nail polish remover that doesn’t have alcohol or acetone will help keep your nails in top condition. You can find acetone-free fingernail polish remover with nourishing ingredients that can help nails feel moisturized. Thoughtfully formulated polish remover can help your nails recover from wearing nail polish for long periods.

Can You Ship Vegan Nail Care Products?

Most nail products have to ship via ground transportation. That being said, nail care brands can ship their products. Just make sure you plan for some transportation time if you have a big event coming up. That way, you can use products that align with your current standards for nail care.

Vegan nail care products can give you the flawless manicure you want. Invest in high-quality products from reputable brands to get natural strengthening elements in the formulas you use. That way, you ensure you do everything possible to keep your nails in their best condition without potentially harsh or animal-derived ingredients.

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