Spring is almost here, so it’s time for the annual spring cleaning. One area that often gets overlooked is your beauty and nail care products. Is your makeup bag or counter an unruly mess, and you feel overwhelmed by the chaos? Seasonal cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore if you do it right. By spending just a few minutes a day, you can spring clean your makeup and nail care products for a sparkling fresh collection to get you excited for a new season.

Wash Your Brushes 

Since we’re talking cleaning, one of the first tasks you should do is wash your makeup brushes. Depending on how often you wear makeup, you might clean your brushes monthly or every couple of weeks. With some tools, like beauty sponges, you might find it necessary to clean them daily. Keeping your brushes clean can help prevent makeup and bacteria from building up.

Clean Your Containers

You should also thoroughly clean your makeup bag or tray organizers that hold your makeup and wipe up any spills or smears. If your makeup bag is cloth and machine washable, toss it in there. Plastic organizers can be washed in the sink with a bit of dish soap. Clean the outside of your makeup products with a makeup wipe to remove any gunk before placing them back in a freshly cleaned makeup bag or organizer.

Organize and Store 

If your makeup is scattered all over the bathroom, chances are it’s challenging to find what you need in a hurry. Having the correct setup with proper storage will make a world of difference in streamlining your makeup routine. If you haven’t already, invest in a variety of drawer organizers or countertop organizers to make organizing your makeup a cinch. One method is to sort everything by the type of product. For example, group together all your eye shadow palettes, bronzers, lipsticks, mineral makeup, and nail care products.

Toss Out the Old 

If your mascara feels a little crusty or your lipstick has melted, now is the perfect time to throw them out, even if they’re your favorite. Makeup and skincare products expire, and using old products can lead to breakouts, irritation, and even infections. If it smells weird, has changed color or texture, or isn’t applying like it once did, it’s time to get rid of it. If you’re having trouble parting with old products, dig deeper and think about why you’re holding on to specific items. Wouldn’t it be nice to replace your old, clumpy mascara with a volumizing mascara that delivers results?

Restock and Renew

Now comes the fun part! Make a list of all the products you’ve wanted to try or replace. For example, you could switch out your conventional fingernail polish remover for cleaner, better-for-you acetone-free fingernail polish remover. Your reward for spring cleaning includes some well-earned shopping. Once you’ve assessed your needs, treat yourself to the products that will help you be the best version of yourself.

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